Why Matcha?

Boost Energy Without Jitters
Better Concentration Increases Metabolism and Detoxification

Matcha = Healthy Green Energy


Need a boost? Drink matcha!

Drinking one cup of matcha is roughly the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of green tea. It’s not jittery like coffee or energy drinks and gives you that kick you need while lasting throughout your day. It’s also super healthy for you (antioxidants and L-theanine amino acid)!


Hand Picked Direct from Uji, Japan


We source our very own proprietary blend of Matcha Mafia ceremonial grade matcha directly from Uji, Japan, which is home to the oldest and most traditional matcha farms in the world. Our matcha is always made from freshly ground first harvest green tea leaves.  When it comes time for harvest the green tea leaves are shaded, picked and sorted by quality, de-veined and de-stemmed (to remove bitterness), air dried, slow ground into a fine powder, then packaged and sent straight to us within days.

All this work so you can enjoy the finest quality matcha every day! 

Good vs. Bad Matcha

How can you tell if the quality of your matcha is good?

Luckily it’s pretty easy and straightforward.


  Good Matcha Bad Matcha
Color Vibrant and bright green Army green or yellowish
Price €25 - €35 (per 30g) Less than €20 (per 30g)
Taste Sweet umami bomb Bitter and sharp
Texture Fine, smooth and silky Coarse and gritty
Reminds us of Queen Bee Beyonce, always Miley Cyrus, on a wrecking ball

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